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Blackberry Application Development

I.T.Experts has a skilled team to develop Blackberry applications. It has been recognized as one of the pioneer blackberry applications development company in India, catering to a strong client base across US, Malaysia, Canada, EU, Middle East, UK and India. With expert team of Blackberry applications development and Java Micro Editions programmers, ready to serve businesses a decision making solutions which help to increase efficiency and profitability. With sophisticated development tools we can create world-class applications and design optimized web services, applications, games for Blackberry Smart phone’s. Our team of Blackberry Applications Development experts have years of experience in developing mobile solutions to various organizations. Our team can create custom solution specific to your business requirements.

Why application development on Blackberry??

  • Total mobile phones worldwide 1.3 billion

  • 1.2 million Blackberry sold to date

  • At Least (prediction) of 45M Blackberry devices sold by EOY 2009

  • 70,000 Apps download daily on internet

  • Blackberry sold in 69 countries world wide

  • 26% more audience than PC Traffic

Our domain knowledge for Blackberry application categories are listed as below:

Client/Server Applications
Wireless Solutions
Advertisement Applications
Internet based Solutions
Consumer Applications
Business-to-Consumer Applications
Entertainment Applications
Utility & Communication Applications
Time & Expense Applications
CRM Applications
Field Service Applications

Our Offerings for Blackberry Development

Blackberry Apps Development
Applications let mobile phone do so much more.

Blackberry Business & Sales Application Development
we can develop custom application for iPhone to serve your business and sales needs and get valuable customers from mobile world. Blackberry Business Solutions provides you to connect and collaborate wherever you are. Not just with email, personal information and voice, but with customer relationship management (CRM), field service, instant messaging, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, internet, internet access and more. All the tools and applications which is necessary for you to make important decisions quickly. To find out more about Blackberry business solutions specific to you industry, business needs or business type

Blackberry Games Development
Games are all about High performance graphics, great sound & attractive display, we have special trained team for Blackberry Game Development.

Blackberry Web Service Integration
We have team of programmers having expertise in Blackberry web service integration and custom mobile application and apps development.

Blackberry Geographic Location App Development
We draw from our experience of building geographic location based applications, to help our clients build creative new Blackberry applications based on user’s geographic location.

Porting existing product/Application to Blackberry
By making your existing applications and products available on Blackberry. We can quickly port your existing applications/products to Blackberry in a very cost effective manner.

We have great hands on experience of using various Blackberry development tools. Like,

Netbeans IDE 6.8
Java Development Environment for Blackberry

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