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Symbian Development

I.T.Experts has identified Symbian as one of its key areas. We are Member of Forum Nokia. We have industry-leading expertise in delivering mobile software solutions on different smart phones platform including Symbian platform, for Series 40, Series 60, Series 80, Series 90 and UIQ. Symbian OS Platform combines the power of an integrated applications environment with mobile telephony, bringing advanced data services to the mass market. We create and develop rich content, camera applications, mobile office manager, mobile information management systems, entertainment solutions (audio, video, and imaging), wireless instant messaging tools and mobile games etc. We have a deep understanding of developing multi-platform Symbian OS applications for mobile phones having different memory, processor capabilities and screen resolutions. We offer development of custom software solutions for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other Symbian OS Smart phones. For the professional Symbian mobile application development we provides talented Symbian mobile application programmer.

Symbian OS Platform is the advanced, open operating system licensed by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers. Secure and customizable OS platform for global use, Symbian platform is open to all developers. It is designed for specific requirements of advanced 2G and 3G and 4G smart phones. Symbian based mobiles hold maximum share among other hand-held devices prevailing in the communication market. Symbian is serving the mobile industry for the last many years, companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson.The mobile world has never been so moving, and Symbian OS never been more excited. After almost decade of market leading OS development and more than 200 million phones shipped around the world, Symbian is changing.

Why Application Development on Symbian???

  • Total mobile phones worldwide 1.3 billion.
  • 1.5 million Symbian Mobile sold to date.
  • At Least (prediction) of 58M Symbian Mobile devices sold by EOY 2009
  • 93,000 Apps download daily on internet.
  • Symbian Mobile sold in 69 countries world wide.
  • 30% more audience than PC Traffic.

Our domain knowledge for Symbian application categories are listed as below,

Multi forms application
Registry management
SMS & Email handling
Phone calling
VoIP integration
Asset Tracking
Field Service
Sales Force Automation
Work Order Management
Security Apps
Client/Server Apps
Bluetooth and & RFID

Our Offerings in Symbian Development

Symbian Apps Development

Applications let mobile phone do so much more.

Symbian Business & Sales Application Development
We can develop custom application for Symbian Mobile to serve your business and sales needs and get valuable customers from mobile world.

Symbian Games Development
Games are all about High performance graphics, great sound & attractive display; we have special trained team for Symbian Mobile Game Development.

Symbian Web Service Integration
We have team of programmers having expertise in Symbian Mobileweb service integration and custom mobile application and apps development.

Symbian Mobile Website Development
we create specific websites that take advantage of the unique Symbian Mobile interface and features and also serves target audience.

Symbian Geographic Location App Development
We draw from our experience of building geographic location based applications, to help our clients build creative new Symbian Mobile applications based on user’s geographic location.

Existing product/Application to Symbian
By making your existing applications and products available on Symbian Mobile. We can quickly port your existing applications/products to Symbian Mobile in a very cost effective manner

We have great hands on experience of using various Windows development tools. Like.



Nokia SDK for Series 40,60,80,90

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