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ERP Solution !

"Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise re-engineering solution that uses new business computing paradigms to integrate IT processes across your company's division and departments"

I.T.Experts Incorporation designs and develops ERP solutions for virtually all industries including in-house (vertical market) and retail software, some of which is on the shelves at your local software store. We have expertise in providing scalable modular solutions to industries such as export house, Retails, Manufacturing companies, Pharmaceuticals companies. We cover each and every aspect of your business. Our ERP modules can be customized or implemented as set default under the solution to connect all your departments. Our solutions are highly scalable in terms of making modifications without case of high cost factor. If your company is interested in harnessing the information in your ERP system but are finding that doing so may require as much resources as the initial implementation, then you need to take a closer look at what we have to offer.

I.T.Experts ERP system can extend the enterprise with sophisticated CRM, APS and e-commerce functionality; a company can easily extend control to its entire supply chain.
I.T.Experts Technolab Pvt. Ltd. understands the vision for the application and not simply the current technology. We focus our unique combination of creative, technical, and problem-solving skills on meeting our client's objectives. Because of our clarity of purpose, commitment to process, and broad professional skill sets, we are able to provide our clients with world-class solutions that are functionally superior and fully aligned with our client's strategic focus. Our team brings proven credentials, key vendor relationships, and with real-world expertise to bear on your technology challenges.

The ERP Business Unit of I.T.Experts Web Technologies features its own unit managers and a dedicated team of IT consulting professionals who will work with your team to standardize and re-engineer your business processes. We integrate your applications into one ERP based solution so that you truly have an enterprise wide information repository.

Need of ERP
The role of ERP applications in business today is radically different from just A few years ago. It’s no longer sufficient to focus on optimizing processes and transactions within your own company….

A modern ERP solution is more than just manufacturing, transaction processing and control. It’s about managing collaborative production-to-delivery in a competitive global environment.

To integrate various enterprise functions like Purchase/Sales, Production & Materials Management, Marketing, Finance, Services and Payroll. The system was expected to be online providing functionalities of Purchase/Sales, Production & Materials Management, marketing, finance, payroll & personnel to all its branches.

I.T.Experts ERP Modules
Sales Module ( Pre Shipping and Post Shipping)
Purchase Module ( With foreign Import)
Inventory and store Module
Excise Module
Production Planning and Control
Export Module & Documentation
Quality Control Module
Contractors Module.(optional)
Human Resource Management Module ( Biometric Payroll)
Asset Management
Common Module ,Taxation Module, TDS Module
Admin Module(M.I.S Reporting)


I.T.Experts ERP is an integrated suite of business application tailor made for organization like yours, which in keeping the costs down, improving productivity and enhancing growth potential for your organization

I.T.Experts ERP enables you to manage the “Enquiry to order to Cash” cycle in an integrated manner, which reduce cycle time and thus improves your organization’s competitiveness

The package cover all functional areas like planning, purchase, manufacturing, warehouse management, production, sales, accounts ,services ,excise, costing ,quality, human resource which are essential for surviving in the present competitive environment


Increased operational efficiency
Improved customer satisfaction
Enables better decision making and forecasting
Provides support for business growth
Scalable and flexible solutions providing for future changes
Better tracking of inventory
Provides a centralized framework for all business processes

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