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Click away to get answers to all your queries about hiring our programmers and the full-time-engagement arrangement. The questions below answer your basic queries like our programmer details, what he/she can do for your business, why we are different etc...
1. What’s special about your programmers?

In terms of technical skills our programmers are as good as the rest of the  programmers, both onshore and offshore. They also possess all qualities that good  programmers should have.

But that is not what differentiates them from other  programmers.

Programming skills aside, our  programmers have been praised for these qualities:

   1. Communication Skills
   2. Predictability
   3. Knowledge of client business industry/domain

This is where our  programmers are way ahead of the rest. Our clients have found these 3 characteristics of our programmers very influential in the overall success of their project.

Clarity in communications is very important in a project, more so when you do not see a programmer face-to-face but interact with email, chat or telephone. Our programmers are trained to be on the same page as our clients, in order to avoid time delays and project mishaps.

Vendor predictability is also vital for an outsourcing buyer. It is important for the latter to know when a programmer says he’ll deliver in one day the client is VERY SURE that the programmer will deliver in one day and won’t delay. This comes from trust and working together and can be experienced only while working with the programmers.

Knowledge of your business domain is crucial. Each industry has its own jargons and protocols. Unless a person knows the industry clearly he cannot perform on a project aimed at that industry. Our programmers have a basic knowledge of almost all industries. For the rest, they are quick learners on the job!
2. Why is FTE (Full time equivalent) good for my business?

In this model you’ll be directly monitoring, managing and instructing your online  programmer(s). This leads to increased transparency and a higher rate of understanding the goals and requirement that have been prescribed by you. This also leads to reduced costs and increased productive output from our programmers.
3. During project execution, how will I communicate with my  programmer(s)?

You can work closely with your  programmer(s) through Skype, chat, phone, email and conference calls. Several past and existing clients have been highly satisfied by the ease of managing their  programmers remotely through these communication channels.
4. What else can you tell me about your company’s role in this arrangement?

We have our coding standards and styles. However, you can choose to define and enforce your coding standards on your online  programmer(s).
In addition you’d also be receiving daily/weekly progress reports that outline the outstanding as well as completed work.
What’s more, you can even access code during the development cycle. You can also suggest what version control method we must use to share the code.
5. What other skills does your  programmer bring to the table?

Your online ASP  programmer(s) not only code but can also help you in analysis, designing and testing – they come with a solution centric approach.
6. What if the  programmer takes a day off?

If one programmer is absent a replacement is always at hand. This auxiliary programmer will be fully aware of the project's progress to ensure 100% efficiency.

7. I’m interested in employing a  programmer; how shall we go about it?

Here’s what we will do to ensure the provision of our best resources…

    * Before signing up, we will send you resumes of our programmers
    * We will send you our Non Disclosure Agreement prior to receiving your RFP document
    * We will provide you with three client references that can verify our company’s capabilities

So get going with your offshore web/software development by signing up our skilled IT resources. Learn to make your lives easier and enjoy your work, just like the way we do it at I.T.Experts !

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company !

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