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Visual Basic Development !

Complexity, economy and scale in the prevailing software industry scenario necessitate the need for robust & flexible solutions. DevelopmentIndia employs best-in class Visual Basic Application Development to meet these challenges, and offer you stable & effective solutions.

Visual Basic offers the world's leading open source portal platform. Now going on its 3rd year of development, Visual Basic Portal is backed by a comprehensive professional services network offering custom development, training, and support across the world.A liberal open source license, full suite of support and services, and integration with today's proven technologies add up to the best combination of performance and value in the portal industry today

Visual Basic Portal powers portal solutions for leading enterprises around the world


Zero License Fees - Visual Basic Portal's liberal MIT license requires zero license fees and no reciprocity clauses

Open Source- Access to the source code guarantees your portal investment can be developed independently from a third-party vendor or integrator

Standards Support - Support for standards ensures that Visual Basic Portal remains vendor-neutral and maximizes existing technologies and infrastructure. Visual Basic supports the following standards: J2EE, Web Services

High Compatibility - Visual Basic Portal's compatibility with major application servers, database servers, and operating systems (over 700 deployment configurations) drastically reduces the initial hardware and software investment required by your portal initiative

Pre-Bundled Portlets - Over 60 functional portlets reduce customization costs. Many Visual Basic users can deploy straight out of the box

High-Value Support Contracts - Visual Basic's support contracts offer a broad range of SLA options for both SMBs and enterprises


Security - Visual Basic uses industry-standard, government-grade encryption technologies including advanced algorithms such as DES, MD5 and RSA. Visual Basic was benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms using LogicLibrary's Logiscan suite.

Multi-Tier, Limitless Clustering - Visual Basic's enterprise scalability handles caching no matter how much hardware is added. Cluster Visual Basic Portal Enterprise at any combination of multiple tiers - presentation, service, business logic, and database - to meet specific load requirements, one processor at a time.

High Availability - Maintain zero down time for business critical applications with Hardware/Software Load Balancing, HTTP Failover, Session Replication, and Distributed Cache (using Lightweight Multicast Protocol).

Page Caching - Increase Web performance with full-page caching for static content.

Dynamic Virtual Hosting - Extend the potential of the business and community by granting individual community members their own page with a user-defined friendly URL

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