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Website maintanance !

" I'd like to ensure that my web site performs at the maximum speeds possible at all times. I'd also like the content on the website to remain fresh and relevant at all times. Complete technical support and maintenance is what I need. I'm open to new ideas that can help increase the effectiveness of my website."

Web site maintenance service portfolio

Our web site maintenance team works on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, search engine optimization,
bug fixing and technical support. Read more in our web site maintenance portfolio here.

Need for a website maintenance team

Any transaction-oriented web site like one that helps passengers make flight or hotel reservations online, would need to ensure that it doesn’t stop functioning accurately. If it does, the problem must be solved immediately. Doesn’t it make sense to have a dedicated web site maintenance team?

Website Maintenance Process

Once a service request is directed to our Customer Care team, they are logged in according to the call priority as decided by our customers.

Content Management Software

Content types today have multiplied and it is the user who dictates what goes into a page on a website. Content is not just restricted to content on a web page but also involve the host of applications that come from various sources and are driven to a number of destinations.

Web site Redesign

It is obvious that web sites need continuous improvement, both at overt levels and in terms of its core ideas. This website redesign guide is for anyone involved with websites. It will help you concentrate on core ideas as well as more practical issues. It must capture attention, have new information, and engage the visitor.

Web Site Maintenance - Application Maintenance

We are committed to long term relationships in Stylus and are interested in building web applications and managing them. Our Web Site Maintenance team works during international working hours servicing client applications.

Web Site Maintenance Service and Technical Support

We undertake all kinds of maintenance and technical support work. Among the many applications and web sites that we helped maintain, these are a few examples of the range of support services that we provide.

Getting the right visitor: Secrets from Yahoo

This article gives you Yahoo promotion tips. The big indexes, Yahoo, Open Directory, About.com and Infoseek, are a great source of hits. But most people don't properly submit to them, and even if they do get in, their listings are substandard. Here's how to optimize your listings for all the big indexes.

Web site Evaluation

How do you know where your website stands against your competition? Here a few tips that provide a rough guide regarding a few mistakes that you can avoid while creating a website.

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