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featured in Business India…

Business India, the leading Business Magazine of the Corporate World published an article on I.T.Experts TechnoLabs.

I.T.Experts adds one more eventful year to its glorious journey and completes 7 years today. I.T.Experts has not only “existed” but has “lived” each and every moment of these 12 years to grow and bring about a significant difference in lives of people associated with it – peers, employees, clients, partners and vendors. For us, it is an opportunity to THANK every I.T.Experts member; every one of us has contributed to sow the seed of such great organization. It is only because of your dedication, hard work, commitment to make things happen that has brought us to the level at which we are today. I.T.Experts also Thanks all your family members - they support I.T.Experts as much as you do.

Twelve years back, we had a dream of creating a vibrant organization that generates tremendous value for its people, clients and partners. Today, we have attained our dream to create such an organization. This goes on to prove that if we dream it, and if we have persistence to put in, we are able to build an organization, of which each one of us is proud to be a part of.

As we move ahead to chart new heights, we expect the same dedication and commitment from you to make things happen and have more dreams come true.

Press Releases

  » To acquire 5 tech solution firms.
  » I.T.Experts global expansion to cost $2 mn.
  » Acquires a Dutch company-to get a foothold in Belgium, Netherlands, and L’bourg.
  » Acquires Nintec
  » Technolabs setting up subsidiary in Sweden.
  » clinches 100% merger deal with Dutch Company.
  » The IT revolution has ushered in a wave of young entrepreneurs, who are using their intellectual capability to      create high technology enterprisesn I.T.Experts Technolabs Pvt. Ltd, is the genesis of this revolution.

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I.T.Experts Technolab Pvt. Ltd. was outstanding and I would highly recommend their services! They were prompt and provided work of the highest quality! I am extremely satisified!
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